The silicone gloves details - the machining process The method is more suitable for you

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

soft rubber protective gear is now a lot of industry indispensable a perimeter protection articles, starting in the 1980 s, in the military and the construction of natural rubber products widely used above, also let the world of soft rubber products to open the new door, now with different analysing is developed and applied, in the field of life and a lot of electronic equipment, became a just need silicone tube, then you know it functions!

silicone tube set of the production process is mainly composed of the high temperature hydraulic molding production, shape and structure of the product completely in accordance with the mould structure forming, and silicone sheath manufacturer also can be divided into different craft, produced by extrusion process can also be the hole is set, the other can be made of rubber process, and different technology have different advantages, I believe you after you have read about your product process also have a choice!

molded silicone products are all silicone processing technology, the most widely a way of processing, this kind of technology is mainly used for production of miscellaneous pieces of silicone, accessories and electronic peripheral protective structures and some are more complex set of protective shell, used in the production of single side sealing silicone casing completely no problem, the products are mainly in mould clamping processing molding, the production efficiency is mainly determined by size of number of mold cavity.

for molded silicone products, products are the biggest problem with size is limited to the size of the mould, to do big size of the sheath or some difficulty, and low cost of this kind of process, production type is bigger, the processing of the products will have a parting line, if be not too strict to appearance, suggest that choose this one!

extrusion process is mainly aimed at the silicone tube and silicone custom processing, it can make the wireless extension of silicone tube and sealing strip, as the length of the bigger of the two products have certain advantages, main can be used for surface protection above the outer protection, can only be used with a knife to cut off the ends incision, belong to liquid rubber materials, liquidity is strong, the extrusion process of the biggest advantage is that there is no parting line, products in addition to the mouth need to cut and basic without faults.

the silicone tube sets and some daily life the demand of the gloves is constantly expanding, and silicone rubber material is one of them, also have different analysing material to get important, rubber, PVC soft rubber, TPU soft rubber, and so on, and the gloves there is another process of 'rubber technology' is one of the most common way my gloves, but this process is mainly based on shape natural curing, mould into the pool for feeding materials and then into the natural air-dry after high temperature oven, the product can achieve unilateral hole form, this way of processing the formal gloves of the common processing technology, low cost with high efficiency, and high quality, completely no appearance defects.

for silicone tube set of production process, there is a lot of rubber and plastic processing process flow, and you need to find according to your requirements and the method of material to find the best way to make it, to avoid unnecessary costs.

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