The silicone folding tableware advantages and disadvantages of know - Whether it can replace the products at a time

by:Cupidove     2020-08-17

as the improvement of living conditions in the role of tableware lunch box was not the original, but a lot of people or prepared on tableware lunch box, lunch box is at present a lot of people are using a portable tools, many white-collar life rhythm is faster, while reading the dining room of food tableware tableware and so on all have access to, and now few meals are more convenient to carry, even have that also need a very convenience tableware, so with the idea, the collapsible silicone lunch box has accomplished this tableware, what is its advantage and selling point?

now as we as development speed faster pace of life, a lot of things around is convenient to use, compact design, while the current silicone folding products satisfy the types of articles for daily use, online or on the market we can see a lot of folding silica glass and silicone folding tableware tea kettle, etc. , it is mainly used for outdoor travel, people travel use provides a good convenience, but the main reason for using silicone material or because several aspects.

1, environmental protection is the main factor of it, silica gel and thermoplastic material is different, in the process of high-temperature heating it completely without any temperature affects the properties of the material, and in any environment cases can be safe to use.

2, hockey is its unique advantage, the silicone material soft and comfortable at present except in silica gel tableware, and many electronic protection can take to very good protection effect, so use it after you don't need to worry about the phenomenon of broken.

3, beautiful and comfortable is the core of the product, the right material compared to the plastic box can reflect its unique more, and the color of the product can be diversified, and have a good feel comfortable, can achieve very good comfort effect

4, convenient and practical is its main function, just open it in the process of normal use and food, using water directly after cleaning and then fold into the pocket, save you a lot of space, also bad how to bring it out in space.

5, heat resistance, good effect, the product is in use process may be through the high low temperature heating or cooling is in use, so in the range of normal temperature, it can bear completely, heat-resistant silicone products can achieve - at present 40 ° to 280 °, but the rubber type products can not use open flame cooking.

compared with a lot of material, the silicone folding tableware have multiple edge features, plastic cutlery and disposable plastic tableware at present has been banned from some countries abroad, lunch box tableware to improve the environmental awareness of the citizens, must be aware of the dangers of disposable lunch box. And silicone rubber material of the only become a more environmentally friendly material, many countries abroad have begun to most in use, so believe in the future under the condition of the global environment maintenance, security environmental protection material is the only things of a kind of life is not to be eliminated.

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