The silicone folding cups custom processing detail explanation

by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

as the daily necessities of life convenient, collapsible silicone products become the travel and outdoor carry are aspects of the product, a lot of bowl and silicone folding folding cup has been sought after by many consumers, using directly after cleaning can fit into a pocket, convenient and quick, take up the space is little, especially when traveling in the suit, however, for this kind of collapsible silicone products, its design inspiration is in there, you want to know?

the collapsible silicone products have been applied to boiler bowl and a kettle of water glass, some can use electronic heating kettles and vacuum cup, some just manual folding, and they can be folded this technology has become the product of the whole selling point, the specific process is drawing mold designing and silica gel products factory production process.

the main factors of making silicone folding cups for drawing of folding interval, and in addition to the circular arc, other shapes are difficult to achieve folding effect, drawing mainly by folding the wall thickness of size, usually need to do a small fold in the wall thickness of size to the thickness can be twists and turns back and forth, do the gradient Angle size, usually folded position of wall thickness in 0. 5 - 1 mm, between the final folded position can be set according to the size of the silica gel glass, finally borrowed by fold has strength reflex.

produced by mold also needs certain skills, in the open mould and mould clamping interfaces to achieve the minimum position, the product of slope based on judging mould taper the mold size, minimize to folding effect, and the more common problem is that the silicone folding cups can easily be folded wall thickness of the internal effect, so it's internal fold point must be made on the part of the tilt down, tilt up a portion of the structure, the folding will not appear when the expansion of the extrusion problems.

second for collapsible silicone cup in silica gel processing factory production process for the product of hardness and material quality has a certain influence, if use low hardness material that subsequent estimates folding strength is not enough, lead to automatically rebound, and high hardness, might cause folding strength, folding, followed by the product of the material, high strength of silicone rubber material is essential raw materials, long-term deformation, the pressure is likely to lead to the product on folding effect is poor.

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