The silicone ear with rope learned - advantage characteristics Take it with your ears also will it hurt

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

with the development of epidemic trend expands unceasingly, the importance of the mask for abroad is more and more big, the sui and cause food grade silica gel mask and demand a variety of respirators also increased, whereas a respirator wearing comfort impression of prevention and control of the entire staff wearing feeling, for different categories of masks, ear tightness of rope can really make it is unpopular, the one-time fiber cloth, and that are widely used in the soft silicone ear rope more extensive, the practicality and advantages and disadvantages above, what are the advantages of the silicone?

for ear rope, silicone ears hang and fiber is the main difference between nylon?

two different materials in different thickness and different life lead to their differences, first of all we said fiber elastic rope, after all this material is also belong to the soft rubber material, belongs to the low melting point fiber, its elastic force mainly comes from textile to join the combination of high strength rubber material, the material belongs to pure cotton was 98%, 2% mixed textile high elastomer material, so can achieve tensile resilience.

now all medical protective supplies basic have the rope is made, its low cost, simple manufacturing process, belongs to the disposable items, so the price is not expensive, and the disadvantages of this kind of rope lies in the fact that time is long easy decoherence, easy to deformation. Followed by elastomer material to join too little lead to the phenomenon of long-term wear ear pain, used for disposable masks quite enough, when used for silica gel and plastic mask it is not easy to clean and comfortable.

soft silicone ear rope mainly produced by pure soft rubber elastomer, integral part does not produce fixed and tension shortage phenomenon, at the moment a lot about the ear wearing protective equipment selection is replaced with silicone rubber materials, main is to make consumers ears comfortable.

security environmental protection is one of its main advantages, can be used in any link cases, available water can clean at any time, use for a long time will not produce not easily get pain, its advantages in products belong to the pure silica gel, can use repeatedly, in time for a long time stretching springback also won't appear deformation, stretching down wait for a phenomenon, its main drawback is that not burn, as far as possible away from sharp sharp knives.

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