The silicone doll was compared with the dolls

by:Cupidove     2020-04-30

silicone products doll was compared with the dolls

silicone products doll with dolls can be said to be a tall still type, one is economic reingistic.

the inflatable doll is a big difference and the real silicone products doll, respectively introduce the characteristics of two kinds of products.

first of all, is the inflatable doll is made of hard plastic skin material, smooth surface, and a hard, reach the result of simulation, too round, due to internal air form aesthetic feeling, can say that's a big gap compared with reality, its advantage is light quality, cheap, easy to carry.

and entity dolls are made of human body silica gel, have certain quality, simulation is high, the internal mechanical support, can be any shape, environmental non-toxic silica gel material, hardness, soft, feel is good, the simulation is high, very suitable for such products, there is only one drawback is the high cost a lot, but the market is very wide, modern people to pursue the high quality products, for adult toys supplies the spirit of the pursuit of make is as real as possible to the requirement of the doll, interested friends can that discusses the problem of silica gel doll,

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