The silicone children's tooth gel which need to pay attention to details

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

as the baby grows only in walking and intelligence to help promote the teeth after the above also need to hone for baby teeth are healthier, silicone children's teeth are usually is specially designed for a few months old baby, the silicone material is one of the infants and young children will choose material so on tooth gum is also is a kind of popular children's silicone products, so the silicone products manufacturer for infants and young children the details of the product and process are seriously, has always been associated with food and children, so all the testing and certification standards are strictly above, and at the same time of silica gel products factory production is also more attention to the details of the problem.

first on select material is already beyond the ordinary silica gel, USES the food grade silicone raw materials high strength high transparency is qualitative, because need to pass food grade certification must choose food-grade silicone raw materials production, using crystal sulfide production to ensure the flow of the product service life is longer, more outstanding product performance in order to product appearance more smooth and better visual perception for infants and young children, the surface of the mold for the plating, or spray teflon technology, mold design and creative novelty shape would lead to handle and appearance, and promote the coordination and psychological development of children. For silica gel products factory production of the most need to pay attention to the details of the problem is the black spots impurities, so on exterior environment need to pay more attention to detail, pay special attention to the environmental health problems,

silica gel products currently on the market increase gradually, many professional brand gradually rise of infants and young children, so in USES the food grade silicone materials outside of the most important still is the shape of the product design and the deployment of color, because it is a good quality no outstanding appearance with eye-catching color nature also won't get the favour of your baby.

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