The silicone case - functional problem What is the cause of the deformation become bigger

by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

silica gel protective sleeve is mobile electronic protective decoration supplies a large categories, choose regular silica gel protective sleeve is a lot of consumer spending, so the silica gel protective sleeve supplier also gradually increase along with the market demand, and excessive increase natural problems may lead to the quality of the products, many consumers reflect the purchase of the silicone cases after long-term use of appeared the phenomenon of deformation become bigger, then what caused it to appear this kind of phenomenon of problem!

the silicone has a certain sex, not just the silicone case will produce deformation of larger many silicone products will have this kind of phenomenon, one of the main reasons or silicone raw materials problem followed by products production and processing, silicone mobile phone sets, after the tortuous has produced a lot of problems after use, pull the springback is not good enough in long-term twists and turns and the springback phenomenon slowly started to appear!

so raw material determines the degree of detail of a silicone products good or bad, because the raw material of white carbon black reinforcing agent and filler as the main factors, a normal silicone raw materials

can reach more than 500 mesh is qualified, high elastic silicone rubber products raw materials can reach more than 1000 mesh, the more detailed rules for the silicon molecular breakdown highlights the stronger the degree of softness and toughness, springback nature will be better! To produce silicone set of natural won't produce deformation.

on the other hand is the points for attention during the production and processing of the silicone products manufacturer, product customization processing of raw materials mixing and adding curing agent has the objective factors, but the main or silicone rubber vulcanizing machine, the actual temperature and curing time, temperature is too low to product feeble phenomenon, too high may lead to product is too fragile, rebound effect is easy to end or lower! Vulcanization time also have the same principle.

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