The silicone brush - The silicone wash a face to brush the head fracture analysis of the causes

by:Cupidove     2020-08-29

silica gel products factory production process is a complex process, with different causal nature presents different problems, such as silicone brush in the production process of washing a face may appear different product delivery delays, poor phenomenon for silicone wash a face to brush the effect, as well as the demand has been a vast consumers will choose life daily products, so for the manufacturers pay attention to the process of product design, appearance quality, precision, and so on all need strict control, due to the surface of the product process is different from the material such as nylon brush, that need to be good enough in the mold design above, so many production problems for molding hydraulic link, so need to pay attention to during production.

the attention of the first products mainly lies in the mould, because cleansing brush mould structure is complex, the mold is made of three layer mold mold core need to be removed from the machine in manual pull way will remove products from the template, so in the process of take off may lead to brush a head of fracture in the mold core, this can lead to bad product, and is found and leads to the second moulded products continuously, so in the production process of cleansing brush just produced products is very important to check the goods, if not then find q

, is likely to lead to subsequent products will appear continuous bad phenomenon.

according to the small make up analysis, silicone products manufacturer for silicone skin cleaning brush the reason of fracture phenomenon has some cause:

1, the production of uniform spraying mold release agents, lead to products sticky die out fracture phenomenon.

2, mixing rubber placed a long time, is the one inducing the inefficiency of vulcanizing agent, popular performance reducing sulfide are not ripe, in case of high temperature molding side, package the wind phenomenon!

3, mold problems, in the case of long-term use of it is difficult to appear this kind of phenomenon, but placed too long did not maintain may appear rupture phenomenon, the number of second sandblasting too often appear all sorts of undesirable phenomenon can also lead to products!

4, in the production process did not good control of time, time is too long a product too greatly too forcibly brittle when plus freight, lead to fracture in the middle of the mold core products, eager to catch the goods time too soft or too short product not familiar phenomenon can also lead to products sticky mold phenomenon.

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