The silicone brush - The benefits of silicone skin cleaning brush in where

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07
What is a cleansing brush? Some friends may not have heard of, but some friends may have to finish this kind of silicone commodity burst, so it can exactly what are the areas of practical, do you understand?

the silicone skin cleaning brush: belong to modern life daily skincare maintenance magic, available market is close to 5 years, has since been a lot of female friends, main effect is clean clean face, protect the skin, makes the appeal to consumers is that soft brush head, when in contact with skin may say is a kind of enjoy! 17 years began to gradually began to current popular cleansing instrument, add electronic vibration effect on the clean face more comfortable!

it is process by liquid silicone products manufacturer of hydraulic molding and injection molding, USES the food grade silicone material production, material generally selected 30 degrees from raw materials to keep the effect of soft, more high temperature vulcanization molding, avirulent environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, no conflict to the skin, process performance, the main advantage is convenient, small, clean and simple, and the material and shape of the edge is not weaker than other materials.

cleansing brush comes mainly from South Korea, the advent of the first choice and experience in fiber brush texture effect for skin massage is not ideal to come up with a bold with silicone materials give it a try! Since the unexpected result, cleansing brush products sell like hot cakes in the world, from manual to the upgrading of the electric and current brand agent gradually formed a trend now, by the feedback of user experience and consumers to get the diversification of the current design and sell like hot cakes!

LUNA cleansing instrument launched this year, in 2017 to make the silicone cleansing instrument face markets opened the new situation, the current and in addition to the LUNA brand, currently on the market for cleansing brush brand is numerous, the price is not said you imagine that expensive, so some people say that it belongs to luxuries, others say it is not practical, and for the silicone skin cleaning brush do you really understand what is it

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