The silicone bracelet, the phenomenon of the deformation does not rebound is what causes?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-03

the silicone bracelet as a popular items of wearable products, to sell by the favour of broad consumer, since the market of silicone wearable bracelet with different styles and efficacy, for different consumers have different shapes and colors and so on, of course, there are different silicone bracelet suppliers quality difference, the output of the deformation of the silica gel hand ring size problem become upset, many consumers don't understand is why a size larger deformation phenomenon of products now!

product deformation phenomenon is for thin silicone bracelet for this kind of phenomenon will have to see their own protection, although the silicone material is belong to product of soft, and deformation phenomenon with its own store and use a product a lot, especially long-term twists and turns, don't play after stretching, placed in the inferior environment factors and so on! When wearing so still need to reasonable use of reasonable wearing!

on the other hand the main or craft and material quality problems, do a lot of silicone products manufacturers of goods in the way and process of product resulted from the different whole crispy softness and tensile strength of springback are changing, so the premise is to cooperate with good material to make high quality silica gel hand ring, need to cooperate with reasonable curing time in the process, not due to the drive capacity will rise time decrease temperature, so often caused deformation is waxed feeble, and so on phenomenon now!

the main have solved the cause of the raw materials in raw materials on the tensile strength of springback can directly solve various unhealthy phenomenon, and the tensile strength of raw materials and the springback is two different performance, so the material to stretch and rebound, and some material is stretch is good but there is no rebound so output products tensile nature presents give birth will not play the phenomenon of deformation become larger, and the springback good product and do not necessarily have good tensile strength, use effect and get very good solve!

so in summary, the silicone bracelet custom processing from raw materials, or to choose to adopt what kind of material can achieve the result that you want to, should be fixed on processing technology, can't change processing methods in order to control the use of product performance!

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