The silicone bracelet - custom processing Products of hard softness how to choose

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

about silicone products customized processing, a lot of friends on the characteristics of the material products and production process is not very understanding, so the performance of the product turn out flaws and practical functions is reduced, and some friends are in direct contrast with off-the-shelf products to hard softness to choose a good, now of the silicone bracelet is one of them, so the silicone bracelet custom processing exactly how to choose the hardness!

silica gel degree of hard and soft selection can make a difference in difference on the performance of different products, and silicone bracelet is one of the, at present commonly used silica gel hand ring in 40 - hardness Between 60 degrees, in each of the hardness has certain differences, such as the tensile rate will reach 150%, 40 degrees to 60 degrees hardness can reach 80%, so want to confirm the functionality of the product need to confirm the product hard softness to what effect.

high hardness silicone products to production, for the silicone products manufacturer, the product selection the hardness of high production scrap rate will be higher and higher, the product of the force would also be affected, and also fracture phenomenon at any time, so choose high hardness material silicone bracelet accessories have to know the structure of the product can withstand the corresponding hardness reaction, and Suggestions for the silicone bracelet hardness or don't need too much.

low hardness silicone bracelets to choose what impact will cause?

low hardness of silicone rubber products most afraid of is products are soft, tensile resilience to inadequate products, product chain failure, so the low hardness silicone bracelet in order to ensure the normal use is not recommended long-term tensile twists and turns, low hardness silicone products needs to be done to the mold properly after vulcanization molding, such as silicone manufacturers to improve efficiency in the process of production and processing to reduce time in advance, the mold may cause product has weakness, stretches the won't play phenomenon, such as not phenomenon caused by the production process, it needs from raw material to go up and find the reason!

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