The silicone boss gui-bin li is how to brainwash me

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

silicone products billionaire boss gui-bin li is how to give me 'brainwashing'

enter the company for three years, and now I want to tell you, as a graduate after 90 is, step by step, how to have been 'brainwashed' successful 'brainwashing' man is shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. And everyday fly group chairman, my boss, billionaire gui-bin li Sir.

things to since one said three years ago, I came to shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. , to apply for the job, after I began a series of training, I am very tired at that time, especially the 'ideological change destiny' lee dong let me directly associated with the brainwashed, thinking at that time, such a pediatrician, how to listen, I can't make money that's for sure do not leave me.

with slowly understanding, understanding gui-bin li, really have changed my mind, not only like this company, and very admire gui-bin li's chairman, is my life of noble, he is also very different other bosses, completely changed my influence on the south have boss, I am a northerner, expired before doing things, in my eyes, the south's boss is very shrewd, never do at a loss, and even 'sold you must help him counting money', but lee dong differs, his strategy pattern is very big, is also very bright and broad minded, for example, he will spend millions to learn, investment in the brain, set up various bonuses to encourage employees, year-end bonuses, ChuGan value award, Thanksgiving parents award, etc. , I calculated, I to the company, go away the company tens of thousands of yuan, there is almost no benefits to the company, some would say, gui-bin li to the end of a fool, yes, when I think so too.

Li Dongping as love yourself, like speech, like to share, once I was so tired, from time to time have a 'thought change destiny', but over time, you will find that he didn't tell how to improve the performance, how to create profits for the company, how to be dead set to follow him, what it is about, is mostly how to filial piety, how to develop life planning, how to build harmonious family, qualified wife how to do, it is the responsibility of the husband, etc. , will also some own experience, to make the group manager of billionaire, naked in front of each employee, no shelves, and has nothing to hide, this is how the mind. Look at yourself, must be made.

why gui-bin li have today such achievement, has close relationship with his background, he is a rich second generation? On the contrary, he was a homeless orphan, self-made man, tasted the bitter dilute acid, it can be said that his success is inevitable, thus constantly learning and struggle is to rely on him. Including many of the practices also underlines that now, his love of learning, willing to spend tens of millions of investment the brain, and spread to the family and all the employees, nothing, because he didn't go to a few years of learning, know that knowledge can change the fate of the truth, so he cherished, do not hesitate to spend heavily to consult, he do good, for henan province to build roads, return that year of the grace of a rice dating, every year to spend hundreds of thousands of traditional cultural courses, let more people know how to be the truth, during the Chinese New Year, to adopt orphans tramp, charter flights back home for free is not show, is his own experience, now has the ability to repay society.

I respect li dong, because his match words with deeds, never shout slogans, Cupidove silicone products vision is to make Cupidove people a happy family, successful, happy, over the years, gui-bin li, chairman of consistent efforts and struggles in this direction.

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