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by:Cupidove     2020-08-16
Wars 2 fire Wolf mess in recent months, as of today's box office beyond 5. 2 billion, and cooperate with war Wolf brand products have also follow up a lot of products, such as wu pendant that bullet in the chest, a set of outdoor suits, step of military mobile phone and so on, but one of the most popular paragraphs still want to say that it contains the intelligence of the silicone strap watch the Rio tinto iron WanEr 3 s outdoor intelligent bracelet.

according to the small make up to know, this product is used in the military technology civil outdoor intelligent products, so the smart strap is belong to military secondary secrecy qualification, in terms of quality and performance in the field of outdoor gear and hobby is also, not only is a designed for tough outdoor intelligence, but also a symbol of a kind of temperament, the soul of so big, heroism, savage is it a kind of style!

this watch with the design of the main function is to outdoor use, usually play outdoor friend is not bad, in order to resist a lot of natural causes have to friction or damaged some protective gear, and take this stuff, you can literally made, from the dial to the strap are all experienced a crazy test, dial is currently used by titanium steel qualitative processing, surface material and air glass material is the same, and wrist strap is made of high quality material is made and become, food-grade silicone products back stretch more than 300%, so you can be the matter in the outdoor, does not exist! ! !

when it comes to performance against many natural factors, wrist watch is waterproof, prevent cast surely must have, more important is that it can prevent cold! Ordinary smart watches, go out in the winter is likely to stop working, and the watch can also be used to snow mountain.

general smart meter movement mode, the only steps, ride this kind of normal movement. But the wrist watch outdoors, hiking, mountain climbing and triathlon sports mode, can according to the characteristics of outdoor activities, records the heart rate, speed, distance and other information. When walking and climbing, watch the pressure, altitude, temperature, and large ones functions are used.

in addition, the power consumption is also a problem, we worry about but take it you are welcome to stay out after a two or three months in said, in addition the most practical function, or wrist wirelessly quick charge it.

one thousand met with misfortune, you need to turn, this watch may be based on beidou/GPS precise positioning, 'various movement modes of scientific analysis of motion data' in the usual sports, fitness, body data can be synchronized via bluetooth phones. Walking steps, journey, consume more calories can be accurate records to watch weather can query 5 days of the weather, including the forecast for the next day.

practical function too much, not all pointed out, and this watch belt, is the main window is that tough enough, enough masterses son, reveals his masculinity is a soldier of the spirit, so if you are a hardcore fan, it can't miss this army billiton iron WanEr 3 s!

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