The silicone baby bib _ silicone saliva dripping effect and advantages and disadvantages of understanding

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

let parents most worried about is when eating children half-hearted, rowdy when sleeping, playing to wander freely, when a baby is the most obedient? Is not so much in bed sleeping, when go out to play, than take the silicone bib sitting quietly for dinner in the kitchen, silicone bib given not only to children's practical performance, and increase the fun of eating, let children grow up healthy, and silica gel products is the greatest help is a fantasy color, the shape of the cartoon, the advantages of the green material, silicone bib is the best gift with infants and young children's childhood growth partnership, as a parent you! To know about silicone bib?

bib pocket is known to all, practical, as the improvement of life and continuous upgrading of products, from the beginning of decorate a bib gradually to the nylon fiber material, in the silicone material to now, many family attaches great importance to the first point is health and safety, the second is practical and convenient, so the silicone material is the most suitable for but, speaking of silica gel, probably most friends will feel the smell, releases toxins, etc. , and silica gel is not what you phenomenon. Silicone bib is a silicone products manufacturer USES the food grade silica gel material is made and become, and can be directly through the food-grade SGS, FDA, LFGB testing certification, such as advantage is environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, clean and convenient advantages.

in the production process of silicone bib after high temperature vulcanization molding, the production process of meteorology act adopted by the tension silicon production, so the silicone products can be produced in the process of using good lift, not easy to appear rupture phenomenon, when using the second with perkin vulcanizing agent products in the subsequent use of ageing resistance, resistance to yellow, degree of toughness effect will be good, so that the service life of the products to more long, in terms of cleaning, silicone material through the die surface effect reaches a certain smoothness, able to effectively clean the oil in cleaning, impurities, etc. , rinse immediately with water, it is also one of the convenient and practical advantages of silicone bib.

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