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by:Cupidove     2020-04-30
Now as silicone products adult supplies more and more to people's life, full of silica gel adult toys products on the market more and more, have normal manufacturer production and informal manufacturers, normal manufacturer production of adult toys supplies are the country's official inspection standards and production permit, such as partner, Osborn, shaggy, companies such as production equipment, selection of materials are non-toxic side effects, medical is mostly made of medical silica gel. Medical silica gel used for women into sex big breasts, can be put into the human body for decades will not produce any side effects to the human body. Not normal manufacturer production of adult products are using other material instead of silica gel selling, also without the side effects of some institutions detection to the body, so I suggest you not to choose those inferior low-grade products, any side effects to the human body is unclear, hurt or your body.
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