The silica gel color pen in the kitchen utensils and appliances - You don't understand of silicone rubber products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25
Fluorescent pen '

' I think a lot of friend has used in our daily life, the more colorful color for the brush a wonderful, written as a marker and color is a more practical products, and part of stylist imagination again! The fluorescent pen in the kitchen, although it god know we commonly used fluorescent marker pen, but you may think that is also a marker pen! 不! 不! 不! Small make up to say today is 'brush, silicone kitchen utensils in the kitchen of the fluorescent pen! '

about the silicone brush, the designer's main inspiration is derived from the fluorescent marker, the thick pen, small nose, make the entire product look have a sense of asymmetry, however it besides looks interesting, or more on the function of practical use.

due to improved the degree of the length of it, when the brush seasoning to more popular all over your face to brush effect is better, in addition to the general function of silicone brush, this product main function is special, can add into the liquid in the middle part, and then through the brush head out, that would make coating liquid condiment is more convenient! On the other hand with the PC shell protection, more can reflect its comprehensive!

for the silicone products kitchen utensils and appliances, in life have a lot of help to us gradually, more and more plastic material to replace traditional tools too much, the main reason is that, in order to more convenient and quick, in order to be able to save resource control, choice for the green environmental protection silicone rubber products! As the saying goes buy high-end less affordable, buy expensive than right, this kind of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances whether you like it?

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