- the sequence of events of organic silicon The analysis of foreground of the terminal silicone products in China

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

domestic silicon industry chain gradually rising trend in recent years, apparently also can see the organic silicone products industry in our country the pace of development and future prospects of organic silicon industry chain in China accounted for more than 50% of all global industry products, so is more extensively used in industry, mainly including raw materials, monomer, intermediates, downstream processing of silica gel and the downstream processing products with other material combination of silica gel products, in different fields such as new products with new material for specific purposes, in this the organic silicon end products.

2015 silicone end products application field in China and share

organic silicon as the emerging of high performance material, with excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation features, physical inertia, low surface tension and low surface energy features, so the application of terminal, including construction, textile, electronics, transportation, oil, chemical, aerospace, new energy, medical, machinery, paper, cosmetic and personal care products and other fields has a very broad USES.

after decades of persistent development, the silicon industry in China has made great progress, organic silicon has accounts for more than half of the global production capacity, and also in constant growth in recent years, domestic silicone continues to increase in net exports. However, the growth of China's organic silicon production, mainly in the upstream of the raw material and partial organic silicone products, and all the organic silicon is applied in People's Daily life the progress of the end products are relatively small, most of the domestic market share is still dow corning, wacker, letters and other international giants dominate.

from 2006 to 2017 in October, domestic exports organic silicon into trend

at present, China faces important inflection point of organic silicon products and has bigger development in the next few years, has a broad prospect, the main reason is as follows:

( 1) Compared to the upstream raw material and organic silicon products, organic silicon terminal products with higher added value.

the current China's organic silicon market, upstream raw material and product competition, although since July 2016, due to price increases faster, organic silicon materials and upstream products manufacturing enterprises obtain higher output value and profit, but throughout the decade from 2008 to 2018, the overall organic silicon upstream raw materials with organic silicon products still maintained at a lower level of profit, losses in some years even. By contrast, due to technical threshold is higher, silica gel products output and profit has been maintained at a higher level.

( 2) China's colleges and universities, research institutes and production enterprises, the accumulation of a large number of available technology into products.

in China's colleges and universities, organic silicon, as a branch of polymer materials, polymer materials in the course will be slightly involved, there are many universities and research institutes of the nation's group in the study of organic silicon, organic silicon of production enterprises are also continuously research and development, after so many years of technical accumulation, the scientific research achievements conversion also bring opportunities for the development of organic silicon end products.

( 3) Organic silicone materials and upstream silica gel products manufacturers need to extend its organic silicon industry chain.

after years of development, organic silicon raw material and product upstream manufacturers get great achievement, the production process and technology has made great progress, and also realize the industry chain is not perfect the negative effects of its own production and business operation, so have the ability, strength, and determined to expand its organic silicon industry chain, it will promote the development of organic silicon end products.

( 4) The development of organic silicon end products, in line with the state transformation and upgrading of manufacturing strategy.

'made in China 2025' upgrading of manufacturing industry in our country and pointed out the direction of great-leap-forward development, material is the base of manufacturing industry, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, will have to be a breakthrough in new materials and new technology. Terminal silicone products are widely used in the new energy automotive, aerospace, electronic products and intelligent equipment such as the national key development area, so the development of terminal of silicone rubber products can also provide support for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

( 5) Some investors will look to future huge organic silicon terminal product areas.

due to the real estate market growth and the state power in regulating the real estate market, it is forbidden to property speculation, so people's enthusiasm of the real estate investment, investment in the stock market interest is not high also, and artificial intelligence, electronic commerce, emerging areas such as sharing travel investment threshold is higher, so part of the small and medium-sized investors look to the traditional chemical industry, and the silicon products as has great prospects of industry, nature also considered in these investors.

the current China's organic silicon and inorganic silicon, to celebrate the important opportunity and challenge coexist. Due to the large brand multinational enterprise silicone products is rich, the technology is mature, therefore the domestic enterprise, want to compete with them in this field, you must deep tillage technology and services, maximize performance of their products and service level, such ability can grasp the opportunity, meet the challenge, on the whole the promotion of the competitiveness of the silicone products in China and influence.

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