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by:Cupidove     2020-05-07
The market of mobile phone sets of material consists of holster, silica gel sets, sets of four kinds of plastic, metal, and plastic material is divided into crystal shell and two kinds of net shell, and a between plastic and silicone products material made of water. In conclusion, the mainstream of mobile phone sets including holster, metal sleeve, silicone products sets, crystal shell, shell and water set of five categories, each kind of material of cell phone sets has its unique advantages and defects. Mention leather materials tends to make people and expensive price together, regardless of whether they are wearing leather shoes or wearing fur, all leather material cost. This material ensures the cost is not low, cell phone sets the price of basic leather materials in the market at present one hundred yuan of above. Have very strong business, leather phone sets and elegant atmosphere. In addition the soft leather can ensure that mobile phones are not set of wear and tear, and good heat dissipation. But leather phone sets tended to be larger than the cell phone, mobile phone already like huawei Mate is very big, combined with a larger circle of holster, after some inconvenient to carry and the drag in my pocket. In addition holster is easy to use false undesirable businessman, market many so-called holster are man-made leather material, but because the majority of users are difficult to discern between true and false, prone to spend money to buy fake goods. In addition to expensive leather phone sets, phone sets for the same mold difficult metal materials in one hundred yuan. Metal case is generally pursue fashion trendy, various topics bright metal sleeve by the young users of all ages. Can also depend on the metal with good thermal conductivity, the heat generated by the cell phone can quickly evaporate, heat dissipation performance is also very good. Many users to worry about metal material of cell phone sets affect cell phone signals, actually everybody worry, as long as the choice when buy regular brands products, will not affect cell phone signals. Production of metal material and some small mill mobile phone sets at the corner frame and burr, often can appear in this coarsely metal case you don't consider, not only can cause wear and tear, rival chassis and improper process will appear phone sets and mobile phones don't match, loose, cover mobile phone signal problem. In addition to the previously mentioned two kinds of the high cost of mobile phone sets of material, we are one of the most common or material such as silica gel, plastic case, the mobile phone sets of what are the advantages and disadvantages of different material, can clearly see the schedule.
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