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by:Cupidove     2020-05-02
Now we see the following picture is purple silicone cutting board, as a member of the silica gel products factory in shenzhen, shenzhen Cupidove silicone products co. , LTD. Has been in the forefront of the silicone products kitchenware products. The mould of this product is quite large, the size is 266 * 424 * 7 mm, weight is about 0. 70 kg, it is conceivable that such a big size, general silicone products products are few. We strive to do better quality in shenzhen silicon processing plants, in this respect is under full time. From the mold production, need for about half a month's time. cutting board's role is to use when cutting, is different from the wooden cutting board, also different from the traditional plastic chopping block, we see the chopping block domestic rare, silica gel products factory in shenzhen, customers are to undertake foreign trade orders, the foreign trade customer again will products sells to European and American markets, or a relatively developed area. Of course, there are some similar products, we did exported to Britain, for example, the product type, is actually put large silicone mouse pad, the surface texture, just grind sand mold. And the following one, the following lines on the surface of the model shows that different from the above, this is the whole grinding sand mold, size bigger than any of the above. Choose a silica gel products factory in shenzhen or silica gel processing factory, of course, to see whether they have the ability to develop mold, and to know its product development level! Glue the chopping block, not easy to breed bacteria, this is because its material, and relatively good cleaning and storage. Especially the silicone cutting board, more easy to do the above two points, because can be folded, also easy to clean. But unlike heavy wooden cutting board, the heavy wooden cutting board applies to cut or chop is large, such as bone. The above two models, applies only to cut vegetables, cut the meat, such as relatively small things, avoid by all means is used to cut or chop! This article wrote here, I believe you know about this kind of product with more detail!
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