The role of rebirth after the silicone products, did you know?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

application and broad, silica gel products nowhere, how the silicone global popularity is not a day or two, as is the increasing number of people! All know silicone rubber already into our life along with the place, but a lot of people don't know where go after it dies, today we have to say after silicone scrap into where!

in recent years organic silicon rally is beyond the scope of the silicone manufacturing supplier control completely, so lead to it in the eyes of consumers are expensive products, so the damage then let a person feel wasteful, not a state-owned national policy, industry industry countermeasure, regeneration of silica gel technology already in organic silicon industry as early as several years ago, the loss of raw materials, and silicone rubber products manufacturer have flow into the regeneration of silicone rubber scrap resources use again.

general waste silicone rubber is mainly through the fine selection of magazines, sundry products to secondary classification and color and hardness rubber separated after the decomposition melting extracting its synthetic compounds in the secondary processing and other products, after the recycling mainly refined its siloxane DMC substances and other compounds, and siloxane a few substances and compounds in mixed with other substances, such as sulfonic acid can extract inorganic silica gel and organic silica gel, again as a low-end products with raw materials is no problem.

regeneration of silicone note

1. Slow temperature control. Regeneration of silicone rubber production should pay attention to the change of temperature, the temperature should be controlled slow rise, this will prevent silicone rubber granule crack due to temperature change sharply;

2。 To eliminate the tiny particles. Regeneration of silicone rubber are generally need to get rid of the inside of the silicone rubber of tiny particles, it can be renewable silicone rubber colloidal particle uniformity, improve the quality of the regeneration of silicone sex

3. To prevent overheating. High temperature can cause the variation of pore structure silicone rubber and significantly reduced its adsorption effect, affect the use value. For the blue gel indicator or discolor silica gel, stripping the regeneration temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃, otherwise you will lost due to gradual oxidation agent color effect.

the silicone raw materials prices in forty thousand yuan a ton and waste reached about 30% of the raw materials, so it has the value of recycling is very big, silica source factory will waste silica tuen, after reach a certain quantity for sale, if you have collected a lot of the waste silicone products can also sell processing!

The global market was valued at manufacturer of silicone products in manufacturer of silicone products and is expected to reach a market value of manufacturer of silicone products by manufacturer of silicone products, with a CAGR of manufacturer of silicone products during the forecast period.
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