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by:Cupidove     2020-08-22

the purse is used to hold the bag of money is known to all, is also a common utility in our life, in ancient times the ancient people used bag or woven bag to RongZhuang things, let a person feel very heavy, after hundreds of years of change, step by step, now change to our common bags, nearly 10 years, the role of the bag and use also more and more widely, shape design also follow era in constant change, there is a small practical heavy, now most of the friends go out can choose their favorite handbags, reflects his individual character, especially female friends, for bag is love for a long time, but for some bags, friends are more care about design and beautiful, a good bag can reflect a person's temperament.

the wallet material can also points a lot of kinds, in our common on the market can be said to be the leather material, leather wallet quality is very good, but a little superior price is too expensive, but there are also some elegant style, contracted fashion the material of the wallet, such as material, silicone material small wallet, a good purse, regardless of the material, the design above can also reflect its temperament, and silica gel products made wallet generally has the advantages of this on the one hand, when shopping for female friends leisure party, carry a small wallet, don't throw rocks, now with the continuous development of industry, silicone products don't lag behind, in the aspect of silicone purse is stand out, the silicone products manufacturer to design various styles of wallets, simple and elegant, in the mall to see on friends, there is always a little heart.

the price of silicone wallets and other leather, bag, such as the famous Louis vuitton, chanel, gucci, etc. , are far off, and for many is not the friend that loves to chase fashion, these outstanding brands and luxury goods, silicone bags mainly take to some practical demands, and in use compared with other advantages, is the green life act the role ofing is tasted, its material is mainly composed of silica gel products manufacturer is made of solid silicone led a forming die and become, so I can make any desired color, easy to carry, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, non-toxic green environmental protection, maintenance method is simple, simple and delicate, fashion and generous, with good performance from the point of the development trend of recent years, the advantages of the silicone zero wallet also gradually get more friends to buy, it also gradually turn to the international market, make more friends to have a new understanding of the silicone purse!

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