The production of silicone rubber roller and USES silicone manufacturers

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

the silicone rubber roller do you know?

silica gel roller is a kind of metal or other materials as the core, the outer covering of silicone rubber. Use of its high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to ozone, chemical inertness and no adhesive for plastic, is mainly used for processing hot sticky products, such as polyethylene rolling, embossing, printing, dyeing and Shanghai juji adhesives, plastic composite film and fabric, sugar production and packaging on the interpretation of the basic material roll and non-woven fabric manufacturing, etc.

along with the widespread use of silica gel roller, market demand is more and more big, so you know what kind of silica gel roller production technology is?

the first roller core frame on the good equipment, then add the good silicone, when silica gel flow on the roller core, rolling roller core and designed scraper will be silicone coating evenly on the roller core,,,

is flowing liquid glue, glue dripping is worried about?

is the will, so need to install baking equipment, in turn, roll core rubber will accumulate more thick, so in order to prevent the liquid silicone off from the roller core, then in besmear to brush have to rubber roller heating at the same time, because the silicone is formed, in the case of high temperature quickly crosslinking, this can prevent the flow of glue falling down

the advantages of the silica gel roller:

silicone products rubber roller has excellent electrical insulation, electrical insulation properties of silica gel roller in be affected with damp be affected with damp, frequency or temperature changes smaller, combustion generated after silica is still an insulator, so need insulation in some circumstances, silica gel roller use frequency is high; Less carbon atoms in the molecular structure of silicon roller, and don't have to do filler carbon black, not easy to happen when arc discharge so charred, so use very reliable in high-pressure situations.

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