The price of the silicone industry trends and market analysis

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

the price of the silicone industry trends and market analysis

the following simple analyse the price movements of the silicone industry and market, according to my work in Cupidove silica gel for years, at present still feel very serious, in the form of north shandong, for example, grasping is quite strict environmental protection, the upstream raw materials in short supply situation continues, the tension of raw materials as a direct result of the middle and lower reaches of the crisis of the enterprise, the factory can't purchase raw materials, metal, and the price is purchasing, it is hard to do, and the downstream manufacturers complain all day price is high, the small plant closed directly, even for us to do so it is Cupidove silica gel factory of 20 years, which have a monthly statement with supplier sourcing, then is the payment now, now, the first payment, later stage, to the point, and one day the same price, shows how hard it is to do silicone products factory now, and many small factory have no way to only secondary use of recycling waste materials, the result is not risen, price, performance is very poor, even can't use. But for now, prices are rising, the price of silicone oil and base gum could reach 50 mark, so now the price of silica gel is not optimistic.

although price movements, but still optimistic market development. Silicon application areas and usage is rising year by year, the crisis and opportunities coexist, the silica gel as the direction of development of high-end. Pay more attention to the performance and quality, increasing its market value, therefore, improve the technical content is king, Cupidove silica gel has been quality first, have a need to do high-end products such as environmental protection silicone adult toys supplies, high tearing mold silicone products, low shrinkage of precision casting, etc. , can try Cupidove silica gel, welcome interested friends to discuss silica gel.

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