The price of environmental protection silicone molding and advantage

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

the price of environmental protection silicone molding and advantage

add environmental protection silicone molding price is what is what? First of all, the real environmental protection silicone molding price is relatively high, because he is using a platinum catalyst, it is only natural that the cost is high, the manufacturer without using leftover material under the condition of reliable, does not generally cost less than 70 yuan per kg, the price also is not, however, depends on the specific application areas for the special requirements of glue, conductive, the price is very high, for instance, to add conductive material, high transparent glue the price also will be very high, especially at the same time also require the viscosity and the tear resistance, generally the price of this adhesive are high, also hope that the friends of self-help to see, after all, the real good.

add environmental protection silicone molding advantage in where? Obvious one is that environmental protection, no smell, ordinary industrial-grade silicone are odorous, the environmental protection usually have food grade FDA certification, and other aspects performance is much better, including high temperature resistant performance, the tear tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, the adjusting range is extensive, and so on, therefore more extensive application.

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