The market - understand the mat The dominant position in the silicone rubber MATS

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

silicone MATS products at present in our country, the market demand, in multiple industries and daily life are likely to meet, with the development and innovation of science and technology, the progress of the different materials and the research combined with MATS industry the development needs of material that makes no want to occupy the market share, so different material MATS products for many consumers to choose the kind of performance, so everyone explain several MATS are below material, let you have a choice!

now in the market to sell a leather material, wire ring, silicone rubber products, plastic material of floor MATS, weigh all kinds of MATS, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, no matter from the material quality itself, or the market share, apart from the price, the plastic is now the cheapest price floor MATS, followed by silicone MATS, and then the wire circle MATS, finally the leather pads, small make up with all kinds of MATS, personal use access relevant information and comprehensive experience after finishing what is a good material of car MATS, owners choose for you reference.

leather pads and call all of microfiber leather surrounded MATS, this kind of material made of natural protein fiber in the three-dimensional space of tightly woven, its surface has a special grain layer, has the natural grain and gloss. This kind of material of high-end atmosphere, non-slip MATS comfortable soft, wear-resisting, is a kind of relatively high ratio of floor MATS, generally is the best choice in high-end models

coiled floor mat is a kind of the modern cutting technology of cut suture and into a shape pads, the floor mat, composed of two layers of material at the bottom is anti-slip granules, the wire coil is above, with two layers of hot pressing close and comfort is higher, especially introduced in the market now is very popular all wire circle surrounded MATS, surrounded by the floor mat combines all the advantages of the PAWS and wire circle PAWS, is now one of the most popular floor MATS, especially in the high-end car market, according to a survey now every juryo juyou eight car in high-end car market is all surrounded by wire circle MATS

the silicone MATS and silicone rubber MATS, the material resistant to salt water, oil, acid, alkali, such as chemical corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution. This material of floor mat easy unpick and wash, it has a very soft springback softness can be arbitrary twists and turns, no matter in any industry and the environment can be long-term use, so the silicone get consumer reactions such as floor MATS and silica gel cushion effect is good.

plastic floor mat is one of the oldest MATS, generally in the majority with flat bottom, now in the market is basically eliminated, at that time, because of its plastic plasticity, was at that time, then with the development of science and technology, rubber MATS problem more and more, the most serious is to release carcinogens, especially in the summer the temperature inside the car at the time of more than 40 degrees, seriously affect the driver's health, winter plastic MATS to harden and hysteresis accelerator, bring safe hidden trouble.

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