The long journey, condoms and sanitary napkin open the right way!

by:Cupidove     2020-03-18
The long journey, condoms and sanitary napkin open the right way! Time: 2019 10 - 17 source: author: reading: a look at the title, may be someone will say, & other; NND brain really knocked wounded, cycling was playing out a condom and sanitary napkin? This is not a * * of the ya is male. ” Why don't hit me first? Look down, thanks to my all too late! Condoms: 1, 2, a tourniquet, let water: water, large capacity, can install 1 & ndash; 2 litres, even more. Good and easy to carry, firm mouth, in any place. 3, fetching water, need special to introduce, in order to avoid confused with a function. In the desert, fields or the woods, there is no abundant in the water. Dig a small hole in the ground, the pit in front of the night the central put one container. The female condom flattening ammonites in pithead, earth will be good all round pressure, a small stone is put on the condom, to assume the pointed cone. Cold air at night pit rising water vapor condenses into water droplets on the condom, and gather the drip, into the container. To increase the moisture, but also put plenty of leaves and grass in pits. In theory, you can harvest in the morning and a half to a litre of water ( Distilled water! ) 。 4, waterproof phone sets: put on line, plate type can be directly call. 5, alarm bell rope. 6, fire: because of its easy to burn, can be used as a flash. 7, container sealing: bacon to spill or other tank container, to prevent air enter and make the food spoilage, condom use sealing, excellent results. Re shuidai 8, 9, hunting, jilt hammer: add a pebble in the condom, after connecting a rope, so a group of three, the tail tied together, see ostrich or other long legs and long neck of birds and the beasts, is struggling to throw, three small hammer will spin speed pounce on its prey in the air, its bound. 10, swim across float: blowing a few condoms, into a pants, tight waists and legs, then you hold & other; Throughout her &; , can cross a river. ( By separate post) 11, condoms, set in the toes, can treat athlete's foot. 12, with a suit from open box of canned meat or fish, BaoZhiQi longer. 13, the use of condoms in gloves, can avoid being spiders and hornet stings, special night sleep, safer part exposed outside again put on a condom. 14, the use of a condom in the line or net shrimp can sanitary napkin: 1, night, put sanitary towel in the wet shoes, suction, can guarantee the second day 2, sanitary napkin with wings can use when boron cloth, sprinkle with powder, bandaging, guarantee disinfection hemostatic 3, sanitary napkin to do hat in mat, absorb sweat 4, sanitary napkin to do rock climbing as temporary 5, sanitary napkin lay hands into two, respectively, on the inner thighs, avoid friction, dry skin, the damp environment, avoid heat rash and skin infections. 6, sanitary napkin bag can do pillow 7, sanitary napkin can do hand part of the equipment, avoid skid 8, sanitary napkin can do simple sewing kit, such as pants scraping the broken large area, can is it stick to avoid exposing yourself in 9, sanitary napkin earmuffs can do when you travel on snow, avoid ear frozen generally long distance cycling will carry this two things. Will play a great role in the right time. Can't never see them. Sometimes help. During the Vietnam war, American soldiers use condoms in the muzzle of the M16 to dust. Soldiers are also used when in Normandy with toy gun to prevent water. So till now are listed in the American soldier's belongings have condom. This is not to say that these soldiers messing around out AIDS prevention.
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