The liquid silicone hardness is introduced and selection

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

liquid silicone hardness is introduced and the choice of

liquid silica gel hardness have 0 - general 5 degrees 80 degrees, each one interval, use of different hardness has different hardness, different hardness range of hardness, detailed below

the hardness of the silicone products mold range from 0 to 60 degrees, the hardness of 20 degrees - 40 degrees, specific choice is as follows:

0 degrees of silica gel is a super soft silica gel, the color is translucent liquid, it has excellent electric properties and chemical stability, resistance to weathering, physiological inertia, avirulent insipidity, line low shrinkage characteristics of easy to operate; More used in body shape, placket, simulation dignity, etc;

5 - 10 degrees low hardness of the mold silicone products used in the human body more artificial limbs, pattern exquisite handicraft and soft soap;

- 10 degrees 25 degrees advice copy with in a decorative pattern very fine product model, for perfusion mode operation, this way of open mould stripping more easily, and will not damage the inside of the silicone mold products, can be used for cake mould, candles and chocolate mould, the production of various handicrafts models

- 25 degrees More than 40 degrees used in cement, concrete, culture stone, such as rapid prototyping model of production;

- 40 degrees 60 degrees of high hardness silicone is commonly leather embossed silicone, it is mainly used for mould making, leather decorative pattern replication, leather decorative pattern pressing, etc.

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