The kitchen is special, family essential silica gel products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-05

pasta in traditional Chinese culture for thousands of years of history, during the shang xia empire people started to eat noodles, and in the development so far has been leading the Chinese traditional eating pasta, pasta to the present our country most common household in the north, like henan, shandong region is given priority to with pasta for a long time, the method of making the pasta is also very common, many people choose to make your own instead of mechanical production, and in the midst of making feel too much trouble, especially white flour accidentally let's clothes are all white, is really a difficult problem, but let's introduce an artifact. Silica gel products dough bag, is a dedicated professional for kitchen utensils a dough bag let us have troubles on stained ash is not sticky.

this bag main role is to put the flour in a bag to knead dough effect of pressure to get to, this kind of bag size can accommodate the largest capacity of 3500 ml, due to the silicone dull slants thin, so can only use so much capacity, but for the family to use nearly the amount of volume is very big mouth rope can fasten the bag directly as long as adopt good skills will not leak problem. Especially in some northern people in the family if there is no such a kitchen utensils, then hurry to buy a, absolute, and this silicone products are mainly in view of the kitchen to make, not just on pasta can make, such as making some mixing ingredients, the fruit and vegetable juice, preserved meat, etc. Can be used to.

silica gel bags made by the kind of material, considering the safety problem so choose the pure silica gel production need not add any package glue materials, imported food grade silicone with platinum grade sulfide agent refined but become, the material thickness of 0. 5 mm to 1 mm, hardness is around 30 degrees, the toughness of the silica gel is good in the use of kneading can be at ease so kneading his tearing resistance and tensile strength is strong, is more simple and clear, but for the silicone products manufacturer, the design of products is too single, in the design of the above also need to constantly improve, let customers get better household items.

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