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by:Cupidove     2020-05-08
America's first female sex shop the founder has died. For 40 years, she has been women's liberation, women's sexual desire and sexual health, about vibrators, she said & other; Even if only in dust drawer, I will suggest you have a & throughout; 。 According to U. S. media reported: China is a sexual revolution, adult toys shop in Beijing. Various types of adult toys products variety, now. But you know what? Sex tools should start from the Stone Age, as a matter of fact, archaeologists recently in Germany ancient cave found a lost in the 20 cm long penis made of siltstone, should belong to 28000 BC. Evolutionary history of retrospective tool dynamics change, of course, also is very interesting, the Chinese women at the end of the qing dynasty when Mr Invention cover open a hole, and then put on the rope, and cover the tie on the foot, Mr Mr Drive Angle with their feet, so as to achieve the aim of self-gratification, such a power plant is not a one. 1, 45 years BC, cleopatra invented the bee power oscillator, she put the bottle gourd or empty balsam pear, etc, and then into a bee, inserted into the vagina, with dense vibrations in the cavity of the bees that cleopatra get sexual gratification. 2, 1880, the advent of the steam generator as the female hysteria in the United States, invented by the medical profession to women vaginal medical massage in order to achieve orgasm, to ease the problem of hysteria social demand has risen sharply. The doctor is busy all day, massage a tired tired, George & middot; Taylor created a clumsy massager by steam power. 3, 1902 Hamilton brand electric massager, is the fifth class of household appliances. 4, 1968 batteries, no longer need to wire, convenient travel use. 5, 1998, multi-purpose oscillator on the simulation type oscillator added a rabbit ears as specially the small branches of the stimulation of the clitoris.
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