The importance of QC for silicone products manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

'QC' in English it is QUALITY CONTROL, referred to as a QUALITY CONTROL testing in various industries, and different industries will be around the QC inspection for QUALITY certification of product, keep can achieve the result of qualified product, mainly for a particular job and poor QUALITY running, and the product of bad phenomenon of change at work found problems show more workers, so any product whether any industry needs to QC inspection for the QUALITY CONTROL, in the silicone products industry is no exception, of course, for factory production QC it can determine the volume of the product, the importance of customer high praise, and the QUALITY of the manufacturer and so on!

for silica gel products factory, QC work process was primarily a eyes, eyes found good quick natural product defective rate and the effect of the rectification will naturally improve, the quality of the manufacturer as well as the advantage will ascend, in the production process of Norfolk found adverse phenomenon need to QC spot checks found that bad problem at this moment, so the inside silicone products industry in the production of the basic requirements of strict QC testing. Sometimes we hydraulic operator under the condition of the normal production time is urgent, and the defective rate is too high need to adjust the product tend to appear, then test will play a big, in the subsequent packaging of cutting edge work, inspector feedback about the quality of the products to the production department to do quality adjustment is important!

main importance lies in what place, not too much operation experience, such as the new employees don't know how all kinds of unhealthy phenomenon and the foreman and mainly are in the busy, so no attention to his bad phenomenon with machine tests need to QC, will make the products for testing, can't let bad product adverse circumstances continue, such as product package soft wind blockage in the smaller hole is difficult to be staff found that continues to manufacture products lead to subsequent do all appear adverse phenomenon, this kind of situation often happen in the silicone products manufacturer, so the QC feedback - Molding improvement - Such as no molding feedback to the mixing of raw materials, mixing in rubber smelting corrective, become an organic whole repeatedly to make qualified high-quality products!

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