The importance of mixing rubber cutting process, where is the silica gel products production and processing core!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

in addition to the raw material of silica gel products appear harmful and raw material and forming a few main factors, and the first working procedure have to be from the control of raw materials mixing process, so the rubber mixing and rubber cutting technology is the core of the main factor, to practice good rubber can avoid subsequent problems appear, cut a plate of precise rubber can avoid the bad problems in the process of production, so for rubber mixing and rubber cutting master is a skill is also an art!

when raw materials mixing silicone products manufacturer of the machine control the demand is higher, because the silica gel is made from high temperature and custom, the appearance of the product of the demand is higher, the mixer mixing different colors and need to request, the product series of color or raw materials have impurities may lie in the main factors in the process of rubber mixing did not handle the machine details, and want to ensure that materials in the process of mixing fully cooked, mixing time also cannot too low, products appear in the uneven colors have the phenomenon of the dark mark is mainly reflected in the rubber mixing process above!

for rubber cutting mainly in silicone rubber products in the process of production can save cost to reduce the adverse, control products, as well as the weight of the pendulum material shape, so the control of the weight of the rubber is the core of the process a need for moulding line have to be accurate to any moment rubber, sent a couple of grams may cause the influence of appearance, and control is the best way, rubber raw materials mixing prophase control product roller wheelbase and the stability of the package material is very important, then keep in the process of rubber cutting tool to cut off the right is very important, and the general thickness of cut there is no question of raw materials, the rubber basic won't vary too big!

rubber cutting rubber mixing influences the whole silicone products manufacturing, and the material have any mishap to product is likely to be a scrap, and control the production and processing of bad still need from the source to control!

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