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by:Cupidove     2020-05-08
According to expert analysis of adult products market in at least 15 years to maintain high-speed development, almost no one in the domestic industry can compare with them. 3 - Five years later to explode into sexual supplies consumption period in our country. According to professional departments, according to the survey data of adult products market is growing at an annual rate of 63%, adult supplies sales of up to 100 billion yuan in 2010. Nowadays, adult products industry is booming, blossom everywhere, a good momentum of all without exception shows considerable prospects in the industry. Today is a great pleasure to take time out to introduce, adult supplies the industry, you might just think of this industry are huge profits, a lot of people want to do this business, but someone will hesitate, there are all kinds of problems, adult products have? supplies mall which is better? supplies development prospects? products to make money? 。 。 。 。 。 。 These problems are many netizens question, so let Cupidove today to introduce you to, adult products industry development prospects! Chinese society is experiencing an unprecedented & other; Sex & throughout; The revolution. After many years of sexual taboos, the Chinese people from heavy sexual repression and sexuality is undergoing tremendous changes. To make this reform greatly promote the sex toys to the development of the industry. Sex toys over the past 30 years has undergone a Renaissance, wide variety. Unfortunately, sex toys in the seventy s due to being discrimination is still lower than that of general merchandise, during the eighty s because of the gradual progress of social concept and organization development, many companies are optimistic about the adult products development prospects. In the ninety s, people can feel comfortable adult shop to buy sex toys, all this presents a good trend. The following simple for everyone to explain why the adult supplies is the most profitable industry in the future: 1, the huge market space, according to survey data show that professional statisticians adult supplies up to tens of billions of dollars in annual sales, including up to ten billion yuan a condom alone. China has a population of 1. 3 billion, accounted for more than 70% of adults. With the rapid development of China's social material civilization and spiritual civilization, family planning supplies, adult supplies has been accepted by more than 90% of the adults. In adults, 83% of men have to buy the experience of adult products, only a handful of 10% of adults had not introduced adult supplies, therefore, adult toys supplies is a sunrise industry at the moment. 2, the government support the development of the industry, the government carried out some specific policies and measures to ensure the specification of adult products industry development: since August 28, 2002, all the simulation model of reproductive appliances not included in the scope of medical equipment management. Simulation tools are no longer by the department of health supervision. 2006 family planning policy of using condoms distributed free, make condoms explosive growth in the retail market. However, before 1981 countries related documents clearly advertising ban adult supplies, now we have already seen condoms to ji on television advertising; National population and family planning commission director zhang once said: China's strategic opportunities for building a well-off society in an all-round way, making China the world's largest, to be developed, the market for the rapid development of the, sexual health products promotion and development created favorable conditions. , industry experts such as AnBaoHua also hold the same view, they think, good policy and the external environment, sexual health supplies face unprecedented opportunities for development in China. Big market but are not necessarily suitable for your investment, many industry market is very big, but technical threshold, capital threshold is very high, not suitable for you, the threshold of the sexual health supplies industry is not high, do not need too much input, is currently the only a little money can enter the market. 3 adult products industry, the rapid development of the market is the development of architecture in the development of social economy and the change of ideas. Introduced so much, I do not know if you have a preliminary understanding of the industry, the development of the adult supplies market space is infinite, currently on the market a lot of new shopping mall is also the big cake, take a fancy to the adult industry due to the development of the motherland, the opening of the people, the Chinese people to this problem is no longer the taboo avoidance, a lot of people will ask, why do you choose adult products industry, in fact, I would like to ask 1: & other; Why can't I choose this industry & throughout; 吗?
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