The focus of the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) - Acceptance of draft why let them have a headache

by:Cupidove     2020-08-11

the bank acceptance bill was a convenience better financial instruments, but now more and more enterprises find the tool risk is huge, accidentally can cause unnecessary economic losses. In small and medium-sized industry acceptance seems to be a bad guy, I know, a lot of silicone products manufacturer because it even lose everything! So you for acceptance of draft

what are the views and opinion?

the national two sessions this year, the National People's Congress, Thai open group co. , LTD. , general manager of xue-min liu suggestion: abolish all acceptance, including bank acceptance and trade acceptance. She also submitted for the advice on further strengthening financial support to private enterprises ', deeply analyze the private enterprises, small micro enterprise financing difficulties, financing problems, analysis of the use of bank acceptance the adverse impact on the real economy profit.

xue-min liu said, acceptance can not meet the needs of much-needed funds, especially the enterprise salary, pay taxes, pay the bank loan interest, to pay five social insurance and one housing fund and other rigid demand, cannot use the acceptance, even for the discount, shall provide the relevant formalities, and low efficiency of individual Banks to deal with, also don't get the cash in the short term.

at the same time, the acceptance of draft increase the enterprise cost of capital, if hold expires after receipt of the acceptance, are generally a year and half a year, lead to enterprise capital turnover period lengthen, accounted for by increasing; If after receiving the acceptance bill discount in advance, and pay poundage, discount interest; Some small Banks to issue the acceptance bill expires after down, often the discount also need to guarantee company guarantee, pay insurance cost.

xue-min liu representative in daily business and related research found that the current acceptance problem especially for a lot of small micro enterprise squealed. Abolish all acceptance, become the voice of the many small micro enterprise.

originally small enterprise financing difficulties that is true, because have no collateral, and guaranteed loans difficult now. Now big business almost all the payment is accepted and small enterprise purchase material, wages, taxes, interest paid cash and so on. So there is interest, which undoubtedly less profit, how did this day. Unexpectedly, the paper acceptance problems not only didn't get to, but from a vampire electronic acceptance, has been carried out in several provinces.

now, the use of acceptance is increased the silicone rubber, small and medium enterprises financial cost and risk. Financial companies issuing bank acceptance, without deposit as a support to the enterprise need to according to the cost of about 5% discount to the bank ( Discount) , some current profit margins are falling, some corporate profits just for 1 - 2%, unnecessary cost of finance took the hard-earned meager profits, exacerbated by the plight of business.

acceptance as a business of paper ( Including bank acceptance and trade acceptance) , is on September 10, 1995 promulgated 'commercial bank law' regulation on the implementation of the commercial bank operating within the scope of the business.

this temporary measures had been taken to solve the problem of cash, has played a very good effect at the time. But from the point of view of the current actual situation, the use of acceptance but with big small and medium-sized enterprise financial cost and risk.

xue-min liu believes that paper acceptance management is very difficult, prone to fraud and deception. Although the country is phasing out paper bank acceptance, but did not cancel the paper-based commercial acceptance bills.

for these enterprises in the practical problems encountered in the development, xue-min liu suggest abolish all acceptance, including bank acceptance and trade acceptance. Cancellation of acceptance can be divided into step, first of all to stop issuing new acceptance, followed by the existing currency of the draft after the held-to-maturity no longer continue to open, step-by-step implementation.

many enterprises, including chemical enterprises and chemical suppliers denunciation acceptance! Many in the industry, said electronic acceptance most painful or vampire, really big vampire, significantly more than the paper quality to suck the blood of our small micro enterprise. Since the contact electron acceptor, don't have more than tens of thousands of cash, living in a world of ferocious cold every day.

at present, the country is to revive the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, chemical industry, especially the micro, small and medium enterprises survival environment worsening, from paper acceptance to electronic acceptance, however, is a than a vampire, micro, small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult to survive, way to where exactly?

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