The elasticity of the silicone rubber products related to what factors

by:Cupidove     2020-08-13

about the problem of an elastic silicone rubber products, has been with the technical level is a big step, a lot of silica gel products need such a parameter to measure the feasibility of the product. Manufacturer of silicone rubber products lobular shallow for everyone today to introduce some of the relationship between them.

silica gel from the internal structure, the material is mainly some holes closely packed together, and then combined into a whole. These holes on the molecular structure of embedded with each other, but because the silica gel is a kind of synthetic rubber, before processing molding, need to turn the silicone practice a mixed glue. Mixing rubber with silica gel structure is roughly the same originally, just joined some will not affect the performance of the material itself. In general, before the production of silicone rubber products, is to join the vulcanizing agent, color glue, etc. , and the main features of this curing agent is a kind of catalyst. Actually the elasticity of the raw material to finished product itself is not much influence, mainly to join some other substances can play a specific role.

so, affect the entire product is the product structure, the characteristic of the silica gel itself of softness is to create an advantage of this feature. Silicone buttons, for example, this kind of product, if not adjust structure, material is unable to change or adjust the entire product flexibility. Professional knows, the flexibility of silicone buttons with the product of a single button at the bottom of the inclined wall has very big connection. The direction of the inclined wall Angle, the greater the relative, the entire product has the greater the elasticity. If not inclined wall, this product may be there is no stretch.

the place on put together is narrated, silicone rubber products stretch or is a resultant force associated with the design structure of the product itself, in the material above, although can use high tensile material production, but the main factors influencing its elastic or product structure itself.

about silicone rubber products factory

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