The effect of temperature on the silicone rubber insulation structure design Shenzhen Cupidove silicone products co. , LTD

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03
The temperature of the silicone products rubber material characteristics and differ from that of polyethylene material. The breakdown field strength of polyethylene material from 25 & deg; & C to 90 deg. C has fallen by about 72%, and the breakdown field strength of silicone rubber material only decreased by 4%. As for the temperature stability of the electric strength, silicone rubber material is cable ontology using polyethylene insulation materials better. In addition, under the condition of the temperature change, silicone rubber up tree voltage dropped by 30%, compared with polyethylene tree voltage in temperature from 40 & deg; C & change to 90 deg; C just dropped by about 10%, as temperatures continue to rise to more than melting point of polyethylene, polyethylene material not finalize the design the structure of melted liquid, hindered the development of electrical branches, improved the polyethylene tree voltage. And silicone rubber material in cables remain the high elastic state in the allowable temperature range, didn't happen phase shift, silicone rubber materials on tree voltage test temperature range continues to decline. rubber material electrical branch resistance than polyethylene, temperature rise greatly contributed to the silicone rubber electrical aging damage process of branches. The above test results and analysis show that in the process of silicone rubber material insulating structure design, need to consider the temperature cause of the decline of the insulation performance, for the temperature rise to set aside enough safety margin. Particularly in this paper, the use of high temperature vulcanization ( HTV) At room temperature vulcanization (silicon rubber, difference between RTV) rubber, and the latter is usually used for outer insulation sheet and coated in order to improve the hydrophobic, and HTV silicone rubber is often used as insulation material within, the mechanical and electrical performance requirements more stringent. The dielectric temperature spectrum test results shows that volume loss power frequency and conductivity of silicone rubber material is relation with temperature approximation for the index, with the increase of temperature, the dielectric loss of materials increases sharply, produced a large number of joule heat, make the material temperature rise further. Temperature rise, after the breakdown field strength of silicone products rubber material slightly decreased, but the tree voltage drop is bigger. Due to the manufacturing process is not mature, or improper installation, small defects in cable accessories ( The impurity, air gap, bumps, etc. ) Cannot avoid completely, the actual parameter is temperature, easy cause aging electrical branch. The emergence of the electric branch channel increased local field distortion, accelerated the aging of insulation degradation, eventually led to the breakdown of the insulating material. After the temperature rise, low silicon rubber aging characteristics of antistatic branch, and in the process of the current application of silicone rubber insulating material, because of the lack of full understanding of the aging electrical branch characteristics, in the insulation design only pay attention to its good thermal stability and ignores the aging characteristics, electrical branch on the operation of prefabricated type silicone rubber ultrahigh pressure fault insulation cable accessories.
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