The effect of silica gel plug plug is really big. . . What are its role function

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

rubber plug plug are to a major field of life of the parts, in daily life we often seldom care about the benefits of a small parts to us, feel a little thing isn't worth mentioning, but have a friend for a small silica gel plug plug to keep his part of the equipment, the story is by a silicone plug as backup objects played a key role in the key time, let the friend turned the corner.

in March 2020, because of the influence of the epidemic control friend Mr Wang has been in the home not to return to the company, the company the original two people already in work, they are mainly composed of infusion molding process, the main production potting silicone products category, and two colleagues at work did not know the machine equipment has been problem within the warranty need to replace parts, has led to seal damage to core layer into the motor, lead to motor layer roof all soaked, and the roof of the silica gel plug plug is at the bottom of the main protective object.

if the size of the stopper size have to shrink or deformation phenomenon is likely to lead to oil pollution damage of missing the main body, as found in a timely manner, to restore the loss of, if not the stopper is likely to cause the damage of circuit board, the motor is damaged, crashing the phenomenon such as few equipment, if the circumstances are serious is likely to cause fire accident, so the protection of the above, the silicone stopper still played a very good protection effect.

silicone stopper at present in many industries and has used items, a small silicone accessories may it meant nothing in your eyes, but at a crucial moment may bring you a lot of help, in recent years, analysing of silica gel plug gradually take on a variety of rubber and plastic materials, as many areas can use the small objects on the product, tightness of the plug is its main function, mainly depends on the size of the product and the degree of the hard and soft, silicone rubber plug custom production, the lower the hardness of its strength is smaller, the hardness of products is higher, the more but also need to see what products belong to structure.

at present in the field of machinery and electronics, the effect of silica gel plug more extensive, function mainly as a waterproof, dustproof, gate valve, oil pollution and noise, and other functions, and use the silicone material as a rubber plug, its main advantage is that can achieve safe environmental protection, non-toxic odorless effect, so don't have to worry about the safety of in many fields and hazardous substances.

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