The domestic mold silicone manufacturer which is good

by:Cupidove     2020-05-11

the domestic mold silicone manufacturer which good

domestic manufacturer of silicon has a lot of, including better when we Cupidove silicone manufacturers, Cupidove silicone factory now known as shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD is a large-scale manufacturer of liquid silicone, in the domestic authority, why said Cupidove silica gel, the following a few simple examples,

1, Cupidove silica gel time is long, is the domestic manufacturer of liquid silicone, and early Cupidove silica gel is the silicone products moulds, after 20 years of development, now the mold rubber production has been fairly stable, one-time can produce dozens of tons, the production capacity is strong, silica gel performance is stable, so the long-term use of customers may choose Cupidove silica gel as long-term partners,

2, Cupidove silicone factory scale, 1. 6 square, the two production buildings, two office buildings, complete production equipment, with advanced production equipment at home and abroad, worth $10 million, so the production capability is strong, stable performance,

3, Cupidove silica gel has always put quality as the bit, the quality is very strict, detect unqualified if not hair, even if the customer have problems in use process, will be immediately solved, the unconditional return, after-sales service guarantee, measure the stand or fall of a company, mainly to see if the quality good, after-sale bear responsibility, and Cupidove silica gel that is very good.

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