The different method, the fuel injection process The role of silica gel products injection is that

by:Cupidove     2020-08-17

the silica gel products spray coating process we all know, now living in a lot of silicone products and electronic products are likely to use, its processing technology is mainly to improve the quality silicone products quantity and method of use, the silica gel products mold manufacturer use this kind of working procedure of the majority, though the present mainly in silica gel injection process of consumers and product values change, any customers want high quality beautiful and comfortable products, fuel injection processing is responsible for providing beautiful so comfortable.

about injection processing at present in different industries, spraying, injection processing of indispensable category, such as our silicone products and plastic products and other rubber and plastic, in appearance are likely to use it, and spray on the hardware and the textile industry used more widely, so it became in our life, and not lack of a kind of processing technology, but with supervision of environmental protection in recent years, the spray coating profession by gravity inspect rectification, cause a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry gradually break, can't get a good progress in terms of technology and experience.

well injection in the use of silica gel products mainly have several process methods:

1, anti-static feel oil

anti-static oil is spraying the broadest category of silicone rubber products, its main role is in the silica gel products surface coating a layer of transparent watery oil mist ( Oil mist and water mist, no greasy feeling) Light and smooth effect, mist, and prevent the effect of sticky dust, the silica gel supplies basic need to contact with the skin smooth feel effect, so it is in contact with the skin of beauty a analogy.

2, color oil

'silicone color is not enough, fuel injection to gather together' is this meaning, in addition to the silicone industry, injection when the color of products are available in many use, but there are two reasons for oil painting color, one is the depth of the light color effect of silica gel products can not meet the customer demand need deeper color, because the surface of the silica gel products have bad phenomenon, using oil sprayed method to cover a remedy. But normally the color oil is aimed at a black and white products, other color rarely spraying color oil

3, PU ink

spray PU oil mainly take the lead role, PU ink is a kind of thermosetting type one-component polyurethane coating printing ink of high performance, has good protection performance, particularly applicable to silicone rubber products with the surface coating of light/matte to beg, and conductive silicone products is a common type of electronics industry, it is mainly achieved through adhesion effect of conductive contact unicom effect, this kind of products are usually used as some silicone written, point reading machine in a class of products, but this kind of ink is rarely used, the main reason is because has requirements to the production workshop, conductive effect is good or not depends on temperature, so the process more troublesome.

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