The difference between the white mold silicone and translucent mould silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-05-02

translucent mould silica gel: translucent mould silica gel is a high tensile mold rubber tearing. Mold silicone have white and translucent, all belong to mold the silicone, mold the silicone collagen produced is a translucent, white mold silicone products is added on the basis of translucent powder. Translucent mould silica gel is better than the white mold silicone tensile resistance to tear.

white mold silicone: white silica gel is filled with calcium carbonate, silica powder, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, part of precipitated silica, due to the weather white carbon black market prices generally in 30 yuan a kilogram, imports can reach more than 100, 15 common calcium carbonate filler 20 yuan is good, is not the same as the main difference is the filling ingredients.

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