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by:Cupidove     2020-05-04
All the statistics of silica gel products factory in shenzhen city, can be divided into two categories of silica gel, is a specialized production factory of silicone rubber silicone rubber products drops, the second is the traditional silica gel products factory. These two manufacturer of silicone products, what's the difference? Below small make up a detailed analysis to show you! We know to be able to make the silicone button manufacturers, belong to the traditional process of silica gel products factory, this kind of silica gel products factory production of miscellaneous pieces of silicone, to sealing ring made of silicone products, silicone buttons, and other special-shaped miscellaneous pieces of silicone, or they could be is the most primitive type of silicone factory, because the silicone is they are the first to adopt the production. glue factory, it is capable of producing different kinds of silicone gifts, and this kind of silicone gifts are design and flowery need artificial glue, such as we can see the color of the colorful silicone doll, silicone products mobile phone cover, silicone bracelet, etc. Silica gel products factory in shenzhen, has a lot of this kind of silicone glue factory, or silicone gift factory! Such manufacturer produces the product style is very much, the pattern and effect of transformation is also more and more, so this kind of manufacturer has replaced the original production process and requirements, a comprehensive silicone comes in many areas. Details see below picture description: silica gel Fried eggs and silicone guitar U disk sets of the above two pictures, the color on the left is monotonous, the whole body is green. This is one of the traditional silica gel products factory can produce, because this kind of manufacturer, most do not have artificial glue machine. And on the right, colour diversity, design is complex, the silicone glue factory is a production, is also the silicone gift factory can produce. This is silicone products factory and the difference between the silicone glue factory, believe that through the resolution you quickly learn the differences between them, such as have not understand can contact, engineers will detail the problem for you.
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