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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
In daily life, many products are silicone products products and rubber products. Sometimes we are hard to distinguish which category it belongs to. Today is simple analysis about the difference between the two kinds of products. Is a kind of silicone rubber, silicone products products belong to one-component room temperature curing liquid rubber products. Once exposed to the air, the silane monomer condensation occur, which form a network structure, system of crosslinking, not melting and dissolving, elastic, state into rubber, adhesive objects at the same time. The thermal conductivity was a little higher than general rubber products, once cured, it is difficult to separate the object of glue. Rubber products of high elastic polymer compounds. Including without vulcanization and has the variety of sulfide. Can be divided into two types: natural rubber and synthetic rubber products. Natural rubber latex which rubber plant from the processed. Synthetic rubber was prepared by monomer polymerization or polycondensation. Without vulcanization rubber commonly known as raw rubber products or raw rubber. Has been vulcanized rubber products as the vulcanized rubber products, commonly known as vulcanized rubber products and rubber. Widely used in the manufacture of tires, rubber hose, adhesive tape, insulation materials, rubber shoes, and other rubber products, etc.
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