The difference between the silicone band pad printing and heat transfer in where!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-15

with the development of silicone products industry improved a lot of silicone gifts custom processing involve appearance design process, and the appearance of the processing technology is the essential condition of silica gel products customized processing, some product selection design of stamps, some are choosing the pad printing processing even more is that the choice of stamping processing, and orders, heat transfer and water transfer printing surface treatment technology in all walks of life widely, silicon industry is no exception, heat transfer and water transfer printing design with similar, but the features different from complexity is different, their technology can be used in many different areas, has now spread to, plastic, metal, ceramics, wood, rubber, silicone rubber, PVC and so on many kinds of material, so for the soft silicone rubber products, thermal transfer and water transfer printing what are the differences between the two?

thermal transfer membrane process is the disposable heating after thermal transfer film, the decorative pattern on the thermal transfer printing to be exterior decorative materials, high quality act the role of the mask process. In hot stamping process, application is a combination of heat and pressure that make maintenance and pattern layer separation from the polyester substrate, hot melt adhesive to make the entire decoration layer and the substrate for gluing.

water transfer printing with special chemical treatment of thin film, after printed on the required color lines, flat in water appearance, the application of hydraulic pressure, will color texture design on average transfer printing on product appearance, at this time only the thin film is automatically dissolved in water, after cleaning and drying, and then a transparent layer on the maintenance of the coating, the product has emerged as a distinct visual effect!

if choose the same kind of silicone watch with two kinds of technology transfer it lies in the difference between a door:

thermal transfer process is complex, need professional operation of the technician to make the size of the paper and high resolution images to produce net-point intaglio engraving, install the prepared gravure printing machine printing on the PET polyester film, can be printed sublimation spent membrane, and then install the sublimation spent membrane on the thermal transfer printing machine for printing operations, the design of a forming, need not tinted, besides silicone gifts, a lot of different material processing way is also the same!

the water transfer printing process avoids the defects, it mainly is the picture of the type with the help of inkjet printer application complete solid objects with the collocation of water surface printing, not cooked material surface and the influence of coating, etc, so the user can be specified by the design is printed on the different products, complete any personalized visual effect, it has inherited intact all the advantages of the thermal transfer, but there was no thermal transfer these inherent defects, such as equipment, heating, pressure adsorption force factors and so on. Personality water transfer printing can dive into the consumer demand using no special equipment, but defect is its low efficiency, high cost, its effect has no thermal transfer effect is good!

for the above two kinds of processing technology, such as manufacturers recommend that you don't know how to choose silicone products heat transfer, mass transfer the silica gel products choices fewer that water transfer printing technology, can distinguish two difference in efficiency, one for mass production, is a few processing, a low cost, high a cost! A processing technology complex but delicate patterns, a convenient operation but energy conservation and environmental protection. Basically is to see what you need to print the product and to choose design and quantity!

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