The development status quo of silicone rubber

by:Cupidove     2020-05-02


我国硅橡胶工业发展现状:世界上大型有机硅专业公司有十多家甲基氯硅烷的生产规模越来越大各种硅油及二次加工品、硅橡胶、硅树脂、硅烷偶联剂、硅烷表面活性剂等为各个工业部门广泛应用,有机硅产品品种规格多达5000余种,产量和销售额与日俱增。 For nearly 30 years, the growth rate of organic silicon industry products remain at eight 15, far more than the general state of the national economy growth. At present, the application of organic silicon in our country has a wide range, quantity and variety continues to grow, broadening the application field, has become a promising organic silicon products market in China.

the purpose of the silicone rubber categories:

it's a two-component liquid silicone RTV silicone rubber RTV silicone rubber

high temperature silicone and silicone molding silicone the human body, food-grade silicone

RTV - 2 RTV - 1 HTV - 1 HTV - 2

mold silicone rubber mold silicone rubber mold

mold silicone products arts and crafts culture stone mold silicone gesso line mold silicone

sandstone sculpture mold silicone european-style components mold silicone mold silicone cement components

hand-board silicone hand glue hand-board model design using silica gel

pad printing silicone products rubber pad printing pad printing silicone

shoes mold silicone rubber shoes mold

the disc rubber mixing rubber stamping silica gel plate

electronic potting glue LED electronic potting glue

silicone oil injection silicone

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