The development and application of silicone leather

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

the development and application of silicone leather

China has become a consumer of organic silicon material. Organic silicon materials in recent years, China market is the world's growing faster, organic silicon on the one hand, continue to maintain steady growth in the traditional application fields, on the other hand in new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, medical and health care, and high-end manufacturing, etc, constantly develop new USES, especially in military industry, aerospace products, decorative furniture fabric products, electrical and electronic leather goods, medical applications, rail transportation and replace petroleum base products, its application to get fast development.

silicone leather is composed of silicon polymer materials research, is a kind of environmental protection of leather composite materials. Applicable to a variety of industries, such as furniture leather, automotive leather, fabric, electronics industry, outdoor supplies, medical supplies and so on, the product has good tensile strength, tensile strength, heat resistant, cold resistant, aging resistant, breathable lightsome, yellowing resistance, not easy to peel, fade and wear resistance, good elasticity, high flexibility, feel is good, no pollution, natural adaptability to human skin, Comfort) By the organic silicon compound materials processing various products to improve people's quality of life, using silicon composite materials products is the guarantee of the family healthy body.

silicone leather areas of application:

furniture ( Dermal sofa seat decoration, etc. ) , clothing ( Leather clothes pants hat gloves, etc. ) , auto accessories, Car leather seats steering wheel holster, etc. ) , shoes, bags, etc.

silicone products leather characteristics:

1. Silica gel leather handle, good elasticity, soft, plump, good elasticity; Comprehensive performance excellence. leather colour and lustre is good stability, good resistance to yellowing, ageing resistance, uv resistance, can be well pollution resistant.

3。 leather processing performance is good, easy cutting, easy to high frequency, easy to eagerly;

4。 leather products can realize anti bacteria and mildew prevent function: according to customer requirements, can reach the ASTM E - 2149 01 and ASTM D 4576 resistant bacteria and mildew prevent international standards, people pursue health needs.

5。 Manufactured goods forming effect: according to customer requirements can guarantee good quality function, but also has the characteristics of light, thin, flexibility is good, feel is good, there is a natural adaptability to human skin, Comfort) , will greatly improve people's quality of life.

6。 Superior environmental performance: according to customer requirements, can achieve EN - 71、ROHS、DIN38407、EN14362、DIN53315、DIN- 53314、EN2006122EC、EN200568EC、Oeko- Tex 100 such as the eu environmental protection requirements; Many varieties, high grade: popular color, decorative pattern, variety, unique style, leading the fashion.

7。 leather hydrolyzed, good robustness without maintenance, waterproof antifouling yi qing, directly with water is swabbed can.

at present, the major foreign silicone manufacturers have increased investment scale, take the lead in the development of organic silicon, my company in order to quick response to the new material industry planning the future trend of development, efforts to develop suitable for aerospace products exclusive, military special fabric, high-grade furniture furniture leather, several new type of composite materials in the field of automotive leather, etc, from the silicone, silicone rubber raw materials, liquid silicone raw materials of industry USES, product characteristics and application of different technology, silicone, silicone rubber, leather raw materials used in the field of military industry, in the domestic high-speed development in the field of aerospace materials applied to helicopter production, can also hope to talk to more domestic aviation special resin glass fiber cloth and silicone material suppliers work together, together to develop this is not yet mature market areas.

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