The crude oil of raw materials, silicone products manufacturer raw materials process

by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

all the silicone products manufacturer raw materials are from rubber, rubber tree is native to the amazon forest. Later after the original amazon forest 22 strains of hevea was shipped to Singapore in 1877, 1898 to the Malay peninsula, China introduced in 1904. China's special national plant gum area mainly hainan, guangdong, guangxi, fujian, yunnan and other regions, including hainan as the main plant gum area in a village, xishuangbanna, yunnan, 4 to November of each year is rubber cutting period, before 3 o 'clock in the morning every day, a couple was busy in their own rubber tree grove.

XiangJiaoLin is tropical forest ecosystem, is pollution-free renewable natural resources. Is given priority to with rubber forest cover in the 1980 s, make afforest environment, good for the sustainable development of water conservation, soil and environment, not only greatly improve the forest coverage rate, and to improve the environmental conditions, maintenance hotspots played an important role in the ecological balance, and wear characteristics of silicone rubber products factory production and processing after the widely used in industry, national defense, transportation, medicine and health care field and daily life, etc. , a wide use, can make the paint and soap raw materials, rubber fruit shell can be made of high quality fiber. Nut shell activated carbon, furfural, etc.

making rubber main raw material is natural rubber, natural rubber is made by rubber tapping the outflow of latex by solidifying and drying. Natural rubber because of its strong flexibility and good insulation performance, plasticity, water, climate and wear resistance, etc. Seed oil for making soap and paint raw material. Rubber seed shells can be high-quality fiber. Silicone products manufacturer using 100% pure natural silica raw materials production and processing, green environmental protection, high performance of rubber raw materials, advanced automatic production equipment and testing equipment, with high quality products, good reputation, quality of service is not the same feeling to you!

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