The color of the silicone products is how to get out of

by:Cupidove     2020-08-15

as we all know, a good commodity must first come from the outside in, whether or silicone products or hardware plastic products, all of the technology products are colored, so that the color of you need to how to achieve it, and let them match the best in each other. From above the most eye-catching appearance or from the color, the following is the silica gel products manufacturers to introduce silicone products color is how to get out. Good silicone products equipped with color also is very unique, silica gel products bright colors, there are a lot of beautiful how these colors are done, believe that most of the friends only know the concept of color, but the actual process estimation rarely seen, I will be in the form of graphics and texts.

each kind of silica gel products need to be started from a color, silicone kitchenware, silicone bib, silicone keys, miscellaneous pieces of silicone electronic accessories, silicone daily and other silicone products, or other technology products, is to this link. Unless is the requirement of silica gel is transparent color. But this is really very few, the color of the silica gel itself is thoroughly understand. Modulation color is a very professional problem, is also a very technical content. Color learn inside by mixing different colors to get a different color is called color change, only to master the change of hue, only will be more efficient modulation the target color. To mix a target color, the first will be ready for different color masterbatch, from all kinds of pigment extracted from a certain proportion of masterbatch in need refining of silica gel, by mixing machine rolling friction. In this process is mainly the masterbatch and silica gel mixing, get the goal we want to color. Then sometimes tend to than we expected, the target color shouldn't be implemented, a lot can happen in the process of rubber mixing of change.

such as close to the target color or is concentrated in the target color, the effect of is not what we want, encountered such a problem for our return, is not the problem. In the presence of the desired color, our teacher is previous foresight, according to the appearance of color foresight, what to add color to this mix mud glue. Returns a different color. But there is also a key problem is the preferred type of masterbatch, can put the other color masterbatch is less as far as possible put less as far as possible. This is industry is color to learn the most key link.

when get the target color need to match specific flow into the vulcanization machine high temperature forming, is equivalent to a ceramic processing, but just the same, after a few minutes, depending on the mold shape of finished product with the flash to the world, in the process of high temperature molding, generally the color is not in sending any changes. Actually in toning master them, color is a kind of profession, is also a part of their lives.

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