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by:Cupidove     2020-04-27
In the 13 - for silicone products gift industry 14 years of silica gel is zero wallet all silicone products factory can't familiar with familiar a silicone product again, because in these two years of silicone zero wallet popularity has far more than previously expected effect, cause everyone in for this product in work overtime to catch the goods time, when understand the hot degree of the product, then at the same time, we should know about the classification of silicone zero wallet. wallet how many kinds of classification, it is an unnecessary problems. wallet factory, generally only according to the requirements of customers for production and processing, or for customized production! Of the specifications of the purse also does not have a specified size! Just like ordinary leather purse, there is no certain size can be specified that is the wallet! Speaking of silicone products wallet, which made of materials are generally made of silica gel plus five jinta buckle, but recently have also use zipper, single shoulder and other all sorts of design! Specifications and production slowly by small medium and large specification!
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