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by:Cupidove     2020-04-30
Silica gel set of waterproof properties is good, it is soft, feel is a little slippery, deficiency, due to poor permeability, wear will lead to cell phone fuselage be hot for a long time. Crystal cell phone sets produced by organic glass, look thick solid, shell body glittering and translucent get rid of. Can not only effectively protect the cell phone, but also affect the appearance, not by women. Silica gel set of choose and buy should discern from the following aspects: material: points of the pure silica gel and ordinary rubber and pure silicone products good toughness and tensile force not turned white, and ordinary silica gel easily broken, gently pull rubber will be white, shows that there is added value cheap silicon powder, shoddy. Use: good silicone durable not easy to change color, easy to change color easy to cracking of aging. Poor: good feel feel is smooth, feel is viscous; Appearance: good uniform color, rough surface, color shades, impurity was observed even; Taste: silica gel is more or less have peculiar smell. Silica gel with poor taste particularly strong and unpleasant. Mold: mold is different. Mold design reasonable, fine degree, laid the silica gel set of the quality of the finished product, use the convenience. Other: the thickness of the silica gel, post processing, etc. , will also affect to the cost of the silicone sets. In general, the higher the silica gel sets the thicker the cost. But it is not as thick as possible, or thin is poor. For example, the possible effect of thick feel/operation, thin, more intimate. Post processing, including dustproof, flash trim, etc.
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