The choice of silicone pillow healthy life

by:Cupidove     2020-05-17

silica gel pillow is a pillow made from silica gel for raw materials. Silica gel was mostly silica, stable chemical properties, non-toxic environmental protection. Chemical components and physical structure of the silica gel, determines it has many other features of similar materials difficult to replace, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, has high mechanical strength, etc.

silica gel is a kind of transparent or milky white granular solids. With open porous structure, strong adsorption, can adsorption various substances. Such as absorption of moisture, moisture absorption quantity of around 40%. Adding cobalt chloride, dry is blue, red, after suction renewable repeated use.

after silica gel adsorption of water, can use insolate, roasting, air drying methods such as regeneration.

silicon due to the adsorption of the medium in the process of using water or other organic substances, adsorption ability, can be regenerated through repeated use. Made of silica gel silica gel pillow has a cold, breathable, comfortable, natural massage, health care function, and silica gel pillow has good elasticity, not easy deformation, strong support. Is very popular in the market, is currently popular in Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries. Silica gel pillow main step-down, shock absorption effect, do not absorb heat, cold, airtight etc, especially suitable for use in the summer.

if the silica gel pillow height and cervical vertebra joint surface (right Sleep more comfortable) , it can be auxiliary treatment of cervical spondylosis. Generally speaking, in the middle of the head on the pillow, depend on the position that can be stable sleep posture, avoid frequent conversion position at night neck stiffness, etc. ; 2 it is can let neck has a certain supporting force, maintain the normal physiological curve. Pillow height right in favor of the circulation of the blood of the neck, to provide sufficient oxygen to the brain, the brain more sober after waking up, spirit is more full.

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