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by:Cupidove     2020-05-05
Liquid silicone molding process through the development, has a variety of forms, this article mainly introduced the characteristics of the liquid injection molding and casting molding process. The main characteristic of the liquid silicone molding process can be divided into the following six: ( 1) Compared with solid rubber and liquid silicone injection molding mould without plasticate, mixing, preforming process operation, saves manpower and material resources and energy, reduce the investment in equipment and area. ( 2) Liquid silicone injection molding can be realized under the condition of full closed automatically processing, eliminates the manual operation error, to reduce the influence of all kinds of variable factors in the process of machining and pollution, ensure the dimensional accuracy and the inner quality of products, and this is good for liquid silicone in medical application. ( 3) Mountain in liquid silicone degree is very low ( Generally in 10 ~ 1000 Pa· S) , liquidity and good processability, so the injection pressure is larger than that of solid rubber and plastic injection molding pressure lower, general injection pressure of 50200 bar in some cases may be less than 10 bar, so you can produce products without eating, reduce material waste, and reduce the wear and tear of equipment and dies. Another mountain in liquid silicone liquid, particularly suitable for forming large products, shape, highly complex products or ultra-thin products, such as molding thickness of 0. 5 m m, length of 100 mm of ultra-thin products, this shape is difficult to molding for a solid rubber. ( 4) Liquid silicone products sulfide quickly. Injection molding is in commonly 160 ~ 220 & deg; Under the C by tens of seconds to minutes to complete the curing reaction, and thus the molding cycle is short, high production efficiency. ( 5) Liquid silicone in the screw when measuring the required back pressure is small, generally less than 15 bar, for some degree of bourgeois extremely low liquid silicone rubber, even can not set back pressure, the main mountain in low in silica gel mobility is very good, in normal working conditions and gas content in liquid silicone is very low. Instead of big back pressure can lead to unvulcanized silicon density increases, the metering device of the precise measurement effect. ( 6) Liquid silicone no shrinkage in injection molding process, but mountain in the silica gel has high thermal expansion coefficient, and therefore often have after stripping, cooling the contraction of 2% ~ 3%, the exact data contractions depends on the material formula. From the process point of view, the designer should be to consider some factors affecting shrinkage in advance.
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